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My standard upgrades on a Glock
My wife has RA, so I have had her try the Glock in various conditions from straight out of the box to different mods. Based on her feedback, this has become our standard setup on all our Glocks.

3.5# connector
Extended slide lock lever
Extended slide stop

Trijicon HD night sights (this is actually more for me and my poor eye sights than for her)
I do pretty much the same mods. I add a trigger job with the 3.5# connector and extended mag release as well.
I'm getting some cool silver extended slide or mag release for Christmas.
I like an an extended slide stop/release.  And I really want night sights on all of my pistols.  I've seen the value in night sights first hand.  Trijicon HD are exceptional and what I have on the G26 and PPQ M2.  X-ray sights on the 320 which are about the same.  I'm looking forward to getting the TFO Truglo for the Ruger (which should arrived today) to see them first hand.
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My upgrades when I owned Glock handguns were as follows:

.25 cent trigger job
3.5lb Connector
NY1 Trigger Spring
XS Big Dot 24/7 Express Night Sights
Trigger Bar with smooth trigger(if needed)

and that was all I felt I needed to do to get it to where I wanted it to be.
I polish the slide channels, barrel ramp, and do the 25cent trigger job - Q-tips and Flitz. I change out the trigger spring for a 6 lb spring. I ran a Glock minus connector (3.5lb) for years but I am running a Lone Wolf 3.5 right now. I also have a set of dead trijicon night sights.

I had my G37 rebuilt about 2 months ago at Glock due to a fractured firing pin and brass to the face. Contrary to what I read on another forum, Glock does not replace dead night sights as they wanted $65 for their brand of the month that they were pushing. I should have ordered a new extractor and firing pin and done the work myself. They replaced everything but the frame, slide, and barrel. The first trip to the range was a heavy gritty trigger and I still get brass to the face. I have gotten it to a smooth trigger pull at just under a 5 lb pull with the Lone Wolf 3.5 connector, 6lb trigger spring, and 25 cent job. I have a Ghost connector in the G26 that is probably going to get swapped out and the standard Glock connector will find it's new home. Still waiting to trade the G26 for a G38 or G39.

I would have gone with a Glock minus connector but they changed the design about 7 years ago and altered the angle. The current connector is slightly heavier than the connector I had in it.

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