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knife, machete,sword sheath mods,etc
My project a few weeks ago was cleaning /sharpening the swords/machetes. 

Then, I wanted to either buy or do conversions on existing sheaths.  And, I have a pile of sheaths for folders/fixed blades/machetes/swords.  Specifically, I wanted to do over the shoulder/across the back/over a pack mods.  It is a PITA to carry an unsecured machete/sword in a vertical sheath on the waist. 

Carefully, I took notes, like measurements.

Second step was going on line to Machete Specialists.  The company carries sheaths for knives/machetes/swords ranging in blade lengths from 7 inches to well over 22 inches.  I had used the company before to obtain sheaths for 10/12/14 inch butcher knives.

Immediately, there were a couple of over the shoulder rigs that would work.  The first problem is that with a sharp point on a sword or machete, you will cut through cordura in no time.  So you might put a small/tiny block of wood on the tip.  The second problem is that you do not store a decent blade in leather.  It will corrode.

Do you know that traditionally Japanese swords were sheathed in wood?  There are only a few shops that specialize and the shipping costs will kill you.

Ok.  Here are some mods.  I took a WW2 US Army machete and sheath.  It will fall out if not vertical.  Now, I could have punched holes at the top and bottom of the sheath and put in reinforcements.  Too much time.  So, I simply drilled spots at the cop and bottom and ran a length of 550 cord.  How do you secure the cord and make it capable of being lengthened or taken up?  On ebay, there are a number of fasteners.  One type is a small ball that is spring loaded.  You force the ends of the 550 cord through with an ice pick.  This requires that you burn/melt the tip and squeeze each end with a paper towel before they cool.  Then a simple overhand knot on the ends of the 550 cord so you don't accidentally pull an end through in the field.  So, as you have put in more cord than the amount to get from point a at the top of the sheath to point b at the bottom, you can tightened up or release more cord and whammi! it fits across the back and over the shoulder.  Now, how to I keep the machete from falling out at the top of the sheath.  I again drilled two holes at the top of the sheath (although you can get by with just one).  You take a length of 550 cord and thread it through the holes.  You then run the ends through a separate Red Chinese ball as before and tie the ends.  Now you have the equivalent of a drawstring on a poke bag or and old fashioned purse.  Pull tight to keep the machete/sword in and release to get it out.

We probably all know the trick of taking an old inner tube and cutting it up to make narrow rubber strips that can be forced up on a fixed blade sheath.  On the internet, a fancy name is used on eBay like "ranger bands".  The thinner you make them, the easier it is to put them on wider sheaths.  My next project is going back and putting at least three very narrow ranger bands on each fixed blade sheath.  Some of the sheaths have unfilled holes at the bottom that will accept 550 cord to tie around a leg or be used to hand a knife on a tree or wall.  I will fill those with 550 cord and the Red Chinese balls or I might just put through a hank of 550 cord with simple overhand knots in the ends and tie off a sheath without having to step into the cord.

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