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Goodbye NRA, Hello GOA.
Dumping my membership to the NRA(they want a letter, LOL) and signed up for a Gun Owners of America Membership this morning. I think the GOA is a much better Pro-2A group than the NRA ever though about being. I hope ya'll do the same and let's make the GOA America's premium Gun Rights Group.

I've thought about the same. But really, is the GOA really any better? Both condemned the Virgin Islands confiscation but have went silent since. Gun rights organizations are sketchy. I believe the American people have to stand alone and fight for our 2nd Amendment.
I've noticed that YT has blown up in the last week in regards to the NRA and specific gun channels on YT.  Yankee Marshal and The Military Arms Channel are speaking out pretty clearly against the NRA and pegging it as simply a money making organization.  I'm no longer a member of the NRA (for a couple of years now) because it just seemed to me that they were getting way too greedy.  On top of my membership I was constantly getting phone calls asking for more money.  And I mean a LOT of calls, sometimes multiple times a week.  I'm still getting them occasionally and I'm not even a member anymore.  

Figure their suppose to be 5+ million members strong.  Okay, then that means they have one hell of a lobby in D.C.  Okay, we now have a Republican majority in all three branches of government for nearly a year.  So why hasn't national reciprocity passed yet?  Why haven't the other concerns been addressed yet?

Yankee Marshal went off on a profanity laden rant yesterday but his point is that 'controversy' is good for the NRA and the gun industry as it drives up sales.  There is a certain logic to that.  All during Obama the gun industry was at an all time high for selling guns, making new guns and supposedly couldn't keep up with the demand for ammo.  Now that the panic is over you see most of the big boys (except Glock) offering rebates, magazines, bags etc to drum up business.  They've gone from feast to famine (sorta).  The ammo case at Walmart is packed and I've seen .22 for the first time in years there just sitting on the shelf.  So gun and ammo makers aren't selling as much as they were the last 8 years.  That's obvious.  And as I've talked about in other threads, that's a good thing for the consumer.  Let them drop their prices on guns and ammo.

I would imagine the NRA has seen a bit of decline in membership since the 'panic' is over.  So why not help to create a bit of panic so they can ask for more funds to 'fight the fight'.  I see them as a very money-grubbing organization more interested in the bottom line than the 2A.

I'd link Yankee Marshals latest videos but we're a family-friendly board and the profanity is right on the opening pic.  But if you can get through the 10K 'F' bombs I think he's got a point.  And BOOM...he's calling out a BUNCH of different gun channels.  Don't know if he's right or wrong on that point but the entertainment factor is sky high right now on YT!
Governmental dependance makes for poor self reliance.

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I just simply do not see the results that the NRA is supposedly fighting for. In his mostly scripted speech to Hannity, Wayne Lapierre said they'd fight gun grabbers and confiscation tooth and nail. Ok, do the people of the Virgin Islands have their guns back? Crickets... Bump Stock and high capacity magazines are up for grabs. Oregon just passed gun grabbing laws, warrantless search laws effective in Maryland, DC and Virginia.. Is the NRA Standing and Fighting? Crickets... so I mean what's the freaking sense of supporting and being a member?? Where's this supposed Life Member of a POTUS? But that's another issue... America has got to wake up and start fighting and stop waiting for someone else to fight our battles. What's that old saying? "If you want it done right do it YOURSELF"??

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