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More than 20 dead after shooting on Las Vegas Strip
It's not about black and white man - POOR people's lives don't matter. Never did, never will.

Bump firing does not take a stock. I can do it with my AK pretty easy. I can also shoot fast enough on semi (and hit the target) to make a gun range think it was full auto.

Block idiots in the stall left of me were shooting crappy and tossing brass over the divide and pissing me off. I let Mr. Kalishnikov throw steel at the wall to my right authoritatively, which bounced and flew past them in a most impress rain of casings.

And yes - the media will be including anyone who passed out from alcohol poisoning before the shots started in the injured list. Again - 100's of rounds on [practically] full auto into a crowd that thick. 50+ dead? HARD to believe .223 was that ineffective....NOT.
Yeah, maybe money is the most important thing. Poor people are replaceable, while finding rich donors might not be as easy. Hadn't thought about that angle.
It will be interesting to see how many of the 500+ that were injured, was actually injured from gun fire. I read one article where the one of the hospitals had treated 220 people and out of the 220, 120 of them suffered from gunshot injuries. The way I took the article, it could of been shrapnel injuries, but it was classified as a gunshot wound.

Based on the one hospital report, 100 people were injured by non-bullet injuries. In a few years when the final report is released, it will be interesting to see what all the numbers show us. My guess is more people were injured by the panic and the fleeing than by actual gun fire.
Oh I guarantee that there were a hundred kicked-up gravel injuries that needed a band-aid.

And while I think the "poor people don't donate" thing is wrong and sad - the only value the poor have to the Government is building programs and procuring taxes.

By the way - last evening's LVPD update on the info was OUTSTANDING! The officer said what they knew, kept it tight, and was excellent. To which end - we still don't know much of anything.
Interesting how now it is being reported that the security guard was shot 6-minutes before the shooter opened fire on the crowd. If that proves to be true, that is a fairly decent window of opportunity to intervene and have stopped the incident.
Here are my two favorites; One kinda out there, and the other maybe not so much.

Crazy Theory: He was an MK Ultra sleeper agent that got activated by accident!

More interesting and possible legit one: He was an arms dealer and something went way wrong, perhaps known (or not) by FBI/CIA, which is why the guy appears so clean...
This incident gets stranger and stranger.

Three weeks in and we know less now than when the incident occurred. Timeline has changed a few times, creating confusion. Two people closely involved, the shooter and the security guard have no digital footprint, which in this day and age is highly unusual. My guess Las Vegas is the city with the most and best surveillance equipment around, yet all we have seen is cell phone footage of the incident.

The security guard has vanished

It just isn't making sense. In addition, if you notice, most of the news media has gone silent on it and moved on to other topics.

Very strange in my book.

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