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Upped my Fuel rotation
I have now a standing 30 Gallons of Gas in 5 Gal cans.  Other fuel preps include:

2+ Cans of Sta-bil
2 siphons
2 fuel/oil funnels

I keep my cans labeled with masking tape saying when purchased, and every now and a gain, throw 5 gallons in the car and refill one.  Even if I put Sta-bil in.  

Feeling even better now!!!
good... nice feeling to be ready isn't it !
I rotate mine once a year in june each year, gas and diesel because where i live they add some additives for cold weather which don't keep well from my experince. I store regular 95 octane unleaded and premium diesel

I also make sure to buy from a busy fuel stop fresher fuel less likely to have water etc and that gets it's fuel from a reliable source. Some cheap gas here can be as low as 89 octane stores poorly and clogs fuel filters. Cheap diesel really clogs filters and starts to gel at temps as high a -5 c.

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