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Trump is no friend of the NFL. He lead the anti-trust lawsuit against the NFL when he owned the USFL NJ Generals.

The NFL relies on handouts from the government (taxpayers) for their stadiums and their non-profit tax free status. The NFL Commissioner is the highest paid leader of a non-profit with a $44M salary. The salary floor for a rookie player is $465k per year. There are many felons playing for the NFL. Way too many thugs and last year was a record breaker for players convicted of crimes; DUI, domestic violence, drugs, assault and battery just to list some of the items. The NFL has consistently ignored their players caught abusing women, what’s a little anti-American protest from the moneymakers that makes the NFL millions of dollars?

Taxpayers pay for their stadiums and build them new ones if the team threatens to move. ESPN is in bed with the NFL paying them close to $2B a year. We all know which way ESPN leans. The NFL also leans that way as well. Senator Russell Long is the politician responsible for the NFL monopoly (he was the son of Huey Long). The payoff was an expansion team in Louisiana, The New Orleans Saints.

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