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Shooting your carry gun in competition
While most of you are preparing for Irma, Rhonda and I hit the range yesterday shooting her third IDPA match.

There was 32 shooters and Rhonda came in 30th. She was in the 25th spot until the last stage when she decided the three non-threats needed to be gunned down with the rest of the targets. 

In our squad, which was 16 people, I asked how many people were actually shooting the gun the carry? There was only three of us that was actually shooting our carry guns (Rhonda and I shooting our G19 and another shooter P239). Most were shooting competition style guns. 

I'm glad to see that I can run with the big boys, I came in 13th. I went from 8th down to 13th thanks to a non-threat forgetting to duck and completely missing a target that I forgot that was hidden behind the wall.

Anyway, it was fun day and Rhonda has decided to shot in her first sanctioned match on the 23rd. She will be competing against 152 other shooters.
It's good to see you guys getting into competition. Using your carry gear is great practice. What holsters are you using?
I use a Blade Tech OWB for the matches.

Rhonda uses a Comp-tac offset holster for the matches.

For EDC, I use Crossbreed IWB and she uses a White Hat holster IWB or belly band holster.
(09-10-2017, 12:36 PM)bmyers Wrote:  until the last stage when she decided the three non-threats needed to be gunned down 

Always with your gut.  If those silhouettes got shot, they were probably up to no good....

I'd really like to do a three gun but it seems tough to get info on them.  It's like they don't advert on the web....

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