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Rekindling passion for rimfire
I have been running rimfire matches recently just so we can play with toys we don't run very often.
Two months ago we did a mini-precision match with tiny targets out at 50yards and gongs out to 200.
Last month we did a tactical team 2gun with our 22s. One guy runs pistol and one carbine on each stage.
In October I have an individual rimfire 2gun scheduled.
These matches have me falling in love with my 22s all over again. They are so damn fun and still cheap even at current prices. I have always been a fan of a 10/22 a[attachment=207]s a prepping weapon. It has proven itself as a great training tool over the years. Obviously it is fantastic for small game hunting. I'd even feel comfortable if it was all I had in a defensive situation. The ability to put 6+ rounds per second on target with no recoil would ruin anyone's day. Not my first choice, but it would certainly get the job done.
It certainly doesn't hurt that my MKII and 10/22 are tricked out and super sweet, but even stock 22s are really fun.
What do you guys have for rimfires and what do you use them for?

My 10/22 has gone back to the Hogue overmold stock and been upgraded to a Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x since this pic.
I have a wood stock 10/22 that my parents gave me when I graduated high school. Dad said if I couldn't find a job, at least I wouldn't go hungry.

Thankfully, I found a job (part-time police dispatch right out of high school) and have increased the 22s we own. My daughter has a Henry Lever Action 22 that we taught her on and my wife's first gun she purchased was a Ruger SR-22. She took her initial carry conceal class with it, but quickly realized that she wanted a bigger toy than that.
22s are very fun. Been teaching Appleseed with them for 4 years and that really gives me an appreciation of what they are capable of.

You all probably know that I collect Remington Nylon 66s and have a website They are pretty cool little rifles. My brother brought his (the one I gave him) up to my hunting property last weekend and we had a ball banging steel out to 150 yards with it.

I also have a number of 10/22s, Marlin 795s and model 60s and a Remington HB 597, not to mention some .22 pistols. So yeah, I like them .22s
[Image: DSCN0597.jpg]

.22lr awesomeness
I finally took some pics of my rimfires in their current form. I think they are all finished now. After trying some different stocks and scopes I've settled on the best for each gun.
Ruger 10/22 with integrally suppressed barrel and Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x 

Savage FV-SR in Boyds stock with Nikon 4.5-18x and SiCo SS Sparrow 

Ruger MKII with Aimpoint Comp ML3 and SiCo SS Sparrow

Can't post full size pics for some reason, but you can click on the thumbnails.
Got a box of 500 Thunderbolts a week or two ago.....time to shred some targets!!!!

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