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Harbor Freight
I don't know if you have a Harbor Freight close to you, but Rhonda and I have used Harbor Freight to help us stock up on some of our preps. 

We watch the sale ads and they always have free items they give away with purchase. We have been increasing our tarp supply using the free coupons and then getting another item that we want to add. Yesterday, Rhonda got a boxes of rubber gloves ($2) and I got some rope ($4) and we each got a free tarp. We can use the 20% discount coupon and the free coupon. 

In the past we have gotten flashlights, batteries, and other items for free. These aren't the highest quality, but they work. The tarps can make shelters, used to cover damaged roofs, etc. Plus, since the price is right, you don't mind giving them to others that might be struggling and not worried about getting your expensive stuff back.

PS-Dave if this should go into general discussion instead of shelter, feel free to move it to wherever you think is best.
I have a pile of those also just to practice tarp shelter building, I will ad pictures soon as I can figure out Flickr... 

[Image: 36461357041_31d3b32d41_k.jpg]


[Image: 35600407574_0275fd38b7_k.jpg]

I have more pics but I can't find them...
Nice, what are you using for poles?
[Image: th?id=OIP.EoJkIN8jY9n2JO28mnpIxAEsEs&pid=15.1]don't forget the Harbor freight tarp clips...come in real handy
(08-08-2017, 10:39 AM)bmyers Wrote: Nice, what are you using for poles?

Modified camera tripod poles. Fashioned with a hook at the top to fit the grommets in the tarp.
I slept in that shelter on Sunday night of the last SEP Gathering I attended = It worked very well with No rain and my warm Coleman sleeping bag.

It did rain all Saturday night (the night before) and I stayed warm and dry in this one:

[Image: 35600410534_339aff6801_z.jpg]

^This was a bit more roomier also...  8x10 6mil Visqueen= Cheap, Light and versatile. I capped the open end off with my rain poncho. I liked this one much better. 
Stayed in this one for two nights up in Ocala National Forest, before the first Survival class I took in April this year. Same plastic sheet but A little smaller configuration so it would have a floor and the ends left open for cross ventilation. It was warm the first night but it rained (Ahem, Stormed like hell) the second night then got cold. This and a bug net worked very well also:  

[Image: 35600409474_fbe132bcd4_k.jpg]


The clips in Tom's picture are the good ones!.. Don't waist your money on the ones that you slide closed with your thumb.

Very nice, thanks for the info. My have has been very willing to take many different classes, except any that involve her sleeping on the ground. She will hike all day long, but there better be a hotel and Jacuzzi waiting for her when she is done.
Wife thinks camping is the Hilton on generators!
A couple more:

[Image: 36202691060_880ec0d7d4_k.jpg]

[Image: 35763740274_0acd9ea31a_k.jpg]

At one time I had these all over my back yard. These two were facing each other so I could build a fire between them.
Very nice. Amazing the things that can be done with a tarp.
Just incase you weren't sick enough of this... Learned this one at the second class in April in North Ga:

[Image: 36430583902_e2068b069d_k.jpg]

Also at the North Ga class:

[Image: 36552944976_b9c7540506_k.jpg]

And for some not so cheap tarp porn:

[Image: 36430581722_ea42087056_k.jpg]

[Image: 36430581012_a3d9cb6df5_k.jpg]

[Image: 36202695420_1ca0eb4d61_k.jpg]

Yeah, Giggity!..

That's all I got, I swear.

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