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Had to post this...Hygiene content
[Image: DnBJduMU0AERWQm.jpg]

Everyone in Florida (or most) probably has a swim noodle or two and a 5 gal bucket.  Add some Walmart plastic bags and you have you one comfortable disaster toilet!
That's a great idea!
That's exactly what I used to use all the time.
I like it.

If you can keep the urine separate from the solid waste you will have less of a mess and less of a bad smell. We noticed this up in the hills back when, way back when all we had was an outhouse. Also the bags you are going to use will likely leak when used with fluids.
Hi Gene, or Hygiene....LOL
Neat idea
Also include some plastic kitchen trash bags for easy cleanup.
I have over a dozen buckets, half a dozen pool noodles and a stock of TP, and a huge box of garbage bags.

I'm ready for the Apoopalypse!
I hadn't thought of foam. Last week I bought a seat designed for the 5 gallon bucket.

I also pass this along. Have a wet wash cloth available. I went through parts of the world where there is no toilet paper. If the wash cloth were cleaned and maybe stuck in a plastic bag (if not dried), it worked.
This is where compressed towel tablets come in very handy. I've used them several times and they are very handy in a pinch.  And they have some strength to them as well.  More like a washcloth than toilet paper.  Just a little bit of water and they open right up and are moist.

Travel Capsules Tablet Compressed Wipes Paper Tissue
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