Poll: What type of gear carrier do you use for EDC?
Sling bag
Waist pouch
Back pack
Hand held/brief case
Nothing or just pockets
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What kind of EDC do you normally carry?
(01-21-2019, 08:37 PM)Ronin.45 Wrote: Since I've started wearing glasses this year, I need to find a way to carry a holder. I am vehemently opposed to carrying things when I go places. 

That's one of the reasons I'm using the Lunada.  It has an outside zippered pocket the perfect size for an eyeglass hard case.  I don't like hooking glasses over the neck of my shirt because I'm always concerned they are going to fall out if I bend over to grab something off a shelf.  So it's perfect to have a spot to toss them in and I know they are protected.   Probably the number one feature I use on the bag.

I've tossed this out before, I have the UVGloStik attached to the outside.  Great to identify the bags location in the dark or be seen if you're walking around as a safety device and really adds virtually no weight or takes up any room.  I've attached it to the molle straps on the back of the bag.
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