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Added another PCC
Big Grin 
My wife is unable to drive right now due to her foot surgery. So, yesterday she wanted me to take her to the gun shop while we were out running around. I don't ever pass up a chance to go to the gun store. We walk in and talking to the owners and I'm window shopping, enjoying all the different guns.

I look over and my wife has her FOID card out, which isn't unusual because our fine state requires you to present one before handling guns. Yet, next thing I know there was a rifle that they had brought out from the back and I seen her filling out paperwork. 

Of course I had to go over and see what was going on. As I started looking over things, I pointed out that the gun there looked an awful lot like the rifle I had been eyeballing the last few weeks. 

I got an evil smile and then told Merry Christmas as I picked up a new Henry 44 mag lever action Big Boy rifle. 

What an awesome wife!

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