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Anti-gun left
Nukes would not be necessary. The right has been supporting the militarization of the police for decades. I think collectively the Police of the top-20 cities in the US are sufficiently armed to have been able to take out Iraq without military assistance.

He just is on the left so he doesn't talk to the right, and didn't get the memo. Why do you spend time listening this crap Dave? The US Government as a whole does not want you armed unless you follow their orders. They will eventually win, bit by bit, and the people will lose. You aren't going to stop it, and wasting energy listening to it is not productive.

Anyone wanting to be in congress is an idiot or a sociopath. They are there for the power, the money, and the control. If they were not, they would be actively dis-assembling the government and laws. That's not what they do, right or left.

So on one side we have people trying to take your guns, and the other is preparing to do it. What's your point?

Remember - no matter how stupid/asinine a congress member is - People voted for them! Thus Congress > People.

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