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Well I've lived through my third tornado this afternoon.  Wife and I were just pulling into Walmart and the phone and radio started going off with the alert tone.  Tornado was coming right through our area.  I dropped her off at the door and parked and as I headed inside I could see the wall of dark coming just off the corner of the store.  I couldn't see the funnel but you could feel it and then a wall of sideways rain hit just as I was stepping in the front doors.  People running in from outside, power went out, alarms going off, tree limbs flying sideways.  Luckily we still had cell service and were able to call close by family and verify their safety.  

It went through and then we headed home.  Just after turning into our sub-division a huge branch was down in the outgoing lane.  Three of us stopped and were able to drag it off to the side.  Made it home soaked and had my two large planters in front of the house blown down. But fortunately the Lord kept us all safe and sound.  

We are still in a Tornado warning for another 20 minutes.  Areas of circulation to the north and south of us as a wave of thunderstorms from the panhandle to the keys is coming through.
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