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My learning curve
60 years ago, I presented myself to a relative who was a cardiac surgeon and asked for some exercises, so he handed me the Canadian Army program.  A lot of research has gone on since that time.

Between Kaiser physical therapy/my own research, I ended up with over an hour of exercises a day that basically relied upon body weight, could be done outside on a mat.  Every day.  My research stumbled across an emergency room physician who had done weight lifting in medical school.  He said that a person didn't need to work out every day with weights.

Well, knowing that specific exercises don't deal will all parts of the body, I went into Kaiser therapy in January.  Received a simple exercise that took 5 months to restore my left arm.  Went in a few days ago again for an exercise to deal with the left leg.  I am old enough to be the therapist's father.  He said that I was stronger than he, and gave me 4 exercises to work into my routine.  He was/is right.  They were painful at first.

The bottom line is that you have to have an open mind and obtain professional advice from time to time.

Today, I started working out on a solid, portable, home made black iron chinning bar anchored by 4 50 pound bags of play sand.  How many chinups can I do?  NOne.  And I didn't expect to be able to do any.  That is a specific exercise of muscle groups that is not done daily in our society.  So, I start by simply hanging on the cross bar.  It will take time to build up the muscular strength to be able to do a simple chin up.  What is my goal?  To be able to do a series of overhand and underhand chinups very slowly - no twisting of the body/no swaying/no huffing and puffing. S   Some day, I hope to be able to do them with the legs at a 90 degrees to the torso.  That would be great!

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