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New Tent
It worked! Camped in this at the SEP gathering #19, it rained during the night and I stayed warm and dry.
I would sleep in this tent again. The open concept option was very nice and the weather was perfect for this. I suppose to be fair I should sleep in this with the side closed but I have had this shape tents before and already know how that feels.

[Image: 40067730694_f897a48ae2_k.jpg].
The 9 dollar Wmart bug net was just tied on in two spots and because of the angle to the top, it stayed closed to the bugs. I used my shoes to move the base out for a more roomier feel. 
The 9 dollar Wmart hikers tarp and a couple of extra wire tent stakes worked perfect for the footprint and gave me a little porch to put my stuff. 
The 9 dollar Wmart sleeping bag did just fine also, it was warm and fluffy and the zipper didn't act any goofier that the one on my more expensive bag...
Can you see where I'm going with this? It was an inexpensive camping trip= you don't need to blow lots of money to have fun.

Jeff took his hooch down before I could get pictures but his bug net setup was very well thought out and integrated into his tent. I am going to try and duplicate his setup before I use this tent again.


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