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Wilderness Survival Skill Testing
(06-13-2018, 03:24 AM)bdcochran Wrote: Close.  My late wife and I went overland through Africa, southern Europe, across Asia - bus/walking.  I carried 19 pounds plus a bread bag.  Her pack weighed 21 pounds.  Sneakers/mountain climbing boots, wind breaker, sweater, change of under clothes and shirt, spare jeans.  Critical - knives/toiletries, wash cloth, small towel.  You share toiletries because of weight.  You will not be able to buy shoes/jeans outside the US or northern European countries.  

As for bugs - most people think that they are survivalists until they have to deal with no-see'ms and mosquitoes.  Buy a couple of nets for over the wide brim hat and you will be ok.

Lol! I've had my fill! I've never seen such huge mosquitoes before until this year. Or should I say blood sucking pteranodons.
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