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Module R107 Nicozians
Sub-space Auger - Great against an unshielded target and not so much against shields. Well, so is every other heavy weapon in the game. Breaking it down; In the last game last night I rolled average and did 33 internals thru Steves's down #4 with three SA shots at R3. Compare to 3 photons which would have done 48 if they hit. Disruptors for 24. Ion Cannon for 36. Disruptor Cannon for 36. Disruptors would be the lower value BUT are one-turn arming so average higher than the SA over two-turns. So triple damage vs. down shield 'sounds' like a lot...really is average if you roll average. Three double snake-eye rolls could have netted me 54 damage with 3 SA's at R3 BUT on the other side with suck rolls would have netted only 9 points! It is a longer ranged weapon but so is the KE and the PPD. Shielded damage is about Disruptor level damage on average. Which isn't good considering it takes a turn to cool off.

Our tactics last night in both games were more of a factor than the weapon.

My conclusion: SA is a fair to good weapon overall. Better in some areas and weaker in others. It can't overload and has a one-turn cooldown requirement offset by a 3 to arm and 1 to hold a charge.

Skipwarp missiles: Of the 8 I fired, 4 in each game...none hit. And they were heavies. They did eat up enemy resources, about 50% more than drones. But they mostly do shield-only damage with very little actual damage. Which means you can take a hit through a down shield, perhaps on purpose, and take little or no damage. Also, the ship has to pay for ALL OF THEM!!! That bumps the ship way up in BPV which means it could and probably will be fighting a ship of the next size up or a comparable ship loaded with C.O.'s.

My conclusion: I need to develop better tactics with the missiles to increase my hit %.

Warp Field Disruption Mines: Murder on seekers including plasma. are WILD WEASELS. And remember the Nicos have NO shuttles so they can't have WW's. So they need to have the WFDM to compensate. Also, with no shuttles, they can't have suicide shuttles or even more importantly, no scatter packs which they could REALLY benefit from.

My conclusion: It isn't broken (and others on the boards confirm this position). It is a necessary mechanism for the Nico to allow them a measure of defense.

Nico ship: The Collapsium Armor is nice but offset by the fact that they have 1/3 less shielding than other comparable ships AND they have less internals. For example, they only have 16 warp boxes which is about 1/2 of everyone else. This means internals are going to hurt it a LOT more. It already has generally less power overall than a comparable CA. Warp engine hits are common, and I did take a L WARP hit with only 3 internals last night. This makes a HUGE difference so the armor is very necessary to give the Nico a fighting chance. Otherwise, he's a VERY easy kill.

Skipwarp looks cool but overall I can only move one more hex per turn than anyone else if I use all 16 warp. It's cool but no game-changer. A couple of situational benefits such as skipping over web/ESG or seekers but that is a timing issue. Every empire has a gimmick or gimmicks, Nico is no exception.

My conclusion: no armor, no chance of winning once internals are taken. Skipwarp is cool but the advantages are situational. It is an integral part of their design and it's nice to fly something a bit different.

Scout channels: Interesting but I'll need to read up more on them to get full value out of them. Allowed me to break lock-on to some drones. Might be more useful when lending EW but off-set by the Nico having less power than other CA's so it is limited.

My conclusion: Interesting feature to look into further. Has limits such as the powered sensor channels are blinded for 32 impulses after weapons fire for any weapon larger than a ph-3.

Pulse phasers: Definitely need the ph-1 upgrade! The option to fire as a couple of ph-3's is nice. But consider the PP is the ONLY type of phaser carried! This means NO PADDING!!! Every phaser hit will be a GOOD phaser. Phaser hits are going to drastically effect combat effectiveness in a hurry. Another reason for the armor. Most CA class vessels have 9-12 phasers with padding. Nico CA has only 8 PP's and no padding. You do the math.

And on the approach only has 4 PP's that can fire. Great firing arcs, but limits on the front 'battle pass'.

My conclusion: Ph-1 refit is necessary to be able to compete with other ships.

So overall conclusions: Good ship overall but not broken or overwhelming. Tactics play an essential part if it is going to have a chance at winning. Bad tactics and it's going to get mugged. Good tactics and average to good rolls and it competes favorably with what it has to offer.

I'm going to use this ship again so I can work on tactics for the missiles.
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