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Bic or Zippo? - David - 07-10-2015

What to you find you EDC the most, and why?

RE: Bic or Zippo? - Ronin.45 - 07-10-2015

I keep a bic in my travel bag just in case. I had a zippo years ago and it would dry out very quickly.

Anybody know the life expectancy of a bic style lighter in storage?

RE: Bic or Zippo? - Racer - 07-10-2015

Bics keep for 5 years at least. Also keep in mind with a Zippo, you can store the fuel separately the problem of it drying out is solved.

Personally I like Bics for prepping but I have a Zippo handwarmer with a Zippo lighter and a can of fuel. So, why not have both Smile

RE: Bic or Zippo? - David - 07-11-2015

I carry a Zippo in my pocket and a mini-Bic in my EDC bag.  Here's my rationale;  a Zippo will last about 21 days if it has a ranger band on it.  And that's with occasional light ups.  That isn't very long in duration, however, the strength of a Zippo is in the multiple fuel sources it can use (Naptha, hand sanitizer, gasoline, kerosene, lamp oil etc).  Additionally, once lit it is a hands-free operation.  Disposables have to have the button pressed continually.

I carry the mini-Bic (and in my other kits I have unbranded disposables that I bought for 10 cents each) because it is inexpensive and as long as the seal remains tight they last much longer than the Zippo as far as the fuel evaporating. 

Best of both worlds.

RE: Bic or Zippo? - David - 07-13-2015

A Zippo of course can be filled with Zippo brand lighter fluid. And this is really nothing more than Naptha which is available in bulk at Lowes and Home Depot at a better price per ounce. But what else can be used?

RE: Bic or Zippo? - kirgi08 - 07-13-2015

Bics for the woods,zippo at home.If I loose a bic oh well,I've got some $$$ zips.'08.

RE: Bic or Zippo? - JRSC - 07-14-2015

I voted for both. Each has a good purpose for surivial and EDC. Few fire sources are more reliable and inexpensive than a Bic. However the reusableness and pretty good windproof ability of a Zippo is a great deal. Plus I've found if you ever needed to heat up some pine pitch, you could scrape some off in the Zippo case and heat it up with the lighter. In the absence of an Altoid tin you can use the case for char cloth.

Also, keep a rubber band or duct tape around your lighter for quick fire tender

RE: Bic or Zippo? - David - 07-15-2015

(07-14-2015, 01:38 PM)JRSC Wrote: Also, keep a rubber band or duct tape around your lighter for quick fire tender

Good idea.  I have one lighter that I've painted neon orange (I like orange for a lot of my prep/woods stuff for when I want to be seen or be able to see it if dropped in the grass/dirt).  I've got a ranger band around it and then some of the glow-in-the-dark duct tape from Walmart.

RE: Bic or Zippo? - kirgi08 - 07-15-2015

Also,keep g10 springs if yers fail.'08.

RE: Bic or Zippo? - David - 07-16-2015

Slight correction, I don't have glow-in-the-dark duct tape wrapped around my Zippo, it's reflective tape.  If I drop it at night I can hit the area with my flashlight and I should be able to pick up the light being reflected.  And it's white tape so easy visibility anyway along with the neon-in-your-face Orange.