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Buckets and Gamma Lids - Kieller - 04-28-2017

Anyone have a good source for plastic buckets and gamma lids?  I can't find anywhere that beats Emergency Essentials on price and shipping.  I'm not a fan of using pre-used buckets due to bad experiences...

I'm with Kirgi08 and the pickle smell....ugh!

Thanks in advance!


RE: Buckets and Gamma Lids - ghost - 04-30-2017

Home Depot has then

RE: Buckets and Gamma Lids - fishingjeff - 04-30-2017

(04-30-2017, 04:19 PM)ghost Wrote: Home Depot has then

HD buckets are not FDA approved for food storage/containment. Places to look are bakeries,  restaurants , ice cream shops, deli's.

RE: Buckets and Gamma Lids - David - 04-30-2017

Sportsman guide

Or sealed mylar in a regular 5 gallon bucket setup.  I have a video in this section about that.  Smile

RE: Buckets and Gamma Lids - Kieller - 05-04-2017

I'll probably review your vid. I packed some buckets and my Mylars several years back but a refresher doesn't hurt. I chose to only use food grade, even with Mylar. Funding tasting food is no bueno considering I rotate when I can.

RE: Buckets and Gamma Lids - kirgi08 - 05-04-2017

If you use food grade buckets that are sealed and the food is packed in mylar with o2 packets.There is really no need to rotate,that is the def of long term food storage.'08.

RE: Buckets and Gamma Lids - David - 05-04-2017

They usually say around 20 years give or take with the mylar bags and O2 packets.  Let's say you only go 10 years...that's still a considerable period of time.  I wouldn't think there would be any leaching through the mylar?  But I haven't eaten out of one that's been around for 10+ years either.  Something to research.

RE: Buckets and Gamma Lids - kirgi08 - 05-04-2017

Don't mylar maters,acidity.'08.

RE: Buckets and Gamma Lids - Kieller - 05-09-2017

I Mylar pack one bucket With O2 and then have a second bucket of the same item that's not sealed with O2 and gets rotated. Still eating rice that's 5+ years old only in buckets and Mylar with no issue. Mylar prevents the leaching effect that can occur.

RE: Buckets and Gamma Lids - bdcochran - 05-08-2018

Home Depot

Go to the paint department.

Look at the bottom of a plastic 5 gallon paint bucket.  The number "2" on the bottom means food grade.

Home Depot has the gamma lids in the paint dept.

I purchased about 20 of the buckets and lids.  Store water in them in a tight areas.  If ever used, then the gamma lids really come into play in storing other items in the 5 gallon buckets.