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Survival/Post Apocalyptic books - Cougar90 - 11-18-2016

OK ladies, I've looked around haven't seen a list of good book recommendations on this sight.  Maybe I missed it?
I have about 2000 books on my shelves in the den and about a quarter of them pertain to survival and post apocalyptic themes.  Some of them are just zombie junk novels (which I like from time to time), but many of them are filled with handy little tips and tricks that you can pick up while reading them.
Would anyone be interested in getting a list started? Undecided

RE: Survival/Post Apocalyptic books - David - 11-18-2016

98.6 Degrees:  The Art of Keeping Your arse Alive by Cody Lundin.

[Image: 51QhXymQ11L._AC_UL320_SR202,320_.jpg]

When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes by Cody Lundin.

[Image: when-all-hell-breaks-loose-cody-lundin.jpg]

Survivability for the Common Man by Dave Canterbury.

[Image: 61If6P-ic%2BL.jpg]

Bushcraft 101 by Dave Canterbury.

[Image: 511aro%2BAgAL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]

Advanced Bushcraft by Dave Canterbury.

[Image: 517HCiYUoaL._AC_UL320_SR210,320_.jpg]

Survive by Les Stroud.

[Image: 51KBf2q3D-L._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]

I've reviewed them elsewhere but will do so again here later.

RE: Survival/Post Apocalyptic books - JRSC - 11-19-2016

I thoroughly enjoyed Bushcraft 101. I'm hoping Advanced is better.

RE: Survival/Post Apocalyptic books - David - 11-19-2016

My review of 98.6 Degrees:  The Art of Keeping Your arse Alive by Cody Lundin:  HERE