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Silica gel packs - David - 08-28-2019

Silica gel packs

RE: Silica gel packs - fishingjeff - 08-29-2019

Add them to every drawer of your toolboxes, your desk, under the kitchen/bathroom sinks, gun safes, ammo storage containers/areas, the computer area, shelves in the closets, behind the TV's, gun cabinets/shelves/drawers and in that biometric safe by the bed.

Keep adding on places I didn't think of.

RE: Silica gel packs - David - 09-21-2019

IIRC, you can dry them out in a microwave as well for reuse.

RE: Silica gel packs - fishingjeff - 09-22-2019

It works. 15 seconds, turn over,15 seconds, fluff up, 15 seconds. Repeat as necessary per size of bag.  Wet wallet papers/money -the same thing without fluffing.  Just about any paper smaller than 8 x 10 can be dried out quickly like this.   Been there/ done that.