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B Notes- This just in!!! - Bob - 08-27-2019

Remember these?

Quote:Hey Dave - "B" says be watchful!
1. Something Politically shocking will happen the last two weeks of August
2. Something is up in the Environment that may not be natural
3. There willl be a violent outburst somewhere.

1. Trump raises the ante against China as Economists predict next recession?!?!?!?!?  Didn't see that coming.  Well, YOU didn't anyway....but "B" did.
2.  The Rainforest is on fire.  One of the most carefully watched resources on the planet next to Uranium and Oil.....coincidence?  Mere chance?  Or does the mysterious "B" know something....
3. violence erupts in China.  Coincidence?  Mere chance?  Perhaps not....according to "Notes"

Meanwhile - not series of mass arrests in the great non-house predicted by "B"

This "Q" guy has nothing on me.....

RE: B Notes- This just in!!! - Bob - 08-31-2019


Come was not "politically" shocking - We all knew nothing was going to happen there
Hurricane was a random event
Politics on hold for the Storm....

See? B > Q

RE: B Notes- This just in!!! - bmyers - 09-15-2019

I wonder what B and Q have to say about this?

It will be interesting to see if it leads to anymore arrest or just suicides?

RE: B Notes- This just in!!! - Bob - 09-15-2019

B has no comment at this time. But he will say set your alarm and mark your calendar for half past someday over the rainbow.