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Sipik sk68 - gift package - bdcochran - 06-12-2019

14 lights came in.  Part of my gifting/family prep plan.  Have a number of nieces/nephews and my sister lives a mile away.  Everyone has a car and some place that he or she lives.  Most of them would never buy a pocket knife, a leatherman tool or a flashlight. 

So, here is the individual package cost - under $6!  zip lock baggie, 4 aa batteries in a RC plastic battery holder, and the light.  If the flashlight does not get hot, the average time life of an AA battery in a Sipik sk68 is about 1.5 hours.  So, the package might get someone through the night - and it is a waterproof package.

In the past - referencing three nieces who are graduating college in the east.  One year, it was restored pink Swiss Army knives.  Last year, it was Cold Steel folders.  I pointed out to mom that the girls would be going to parties, cutting cheese and making sandwiches, etc.  Not a word about self defense!

RE: Sipik sk68 - gift package - bmyers - 06-12-2019

Nice idea

RE: Sipik sk68 - gift package - David - 06-13-2019

It's a very thoughtful and practical gift idea as well.  I've given a bunch of SK68's away over the years to family and friends.  Everyone was very appreciative and some have used the light on numerous occasions.  SK68's can be found on Ebay all day long for a few bucks, sometimes as cheap as a buck.  The battery cases are inexpensive and a nice add-on as well.