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Chainsaw - bmyers - 06-12-2019

Who has what chainsaw? I'm trying to decide on what to get and I'm bouncing back and forth between Stihl and Husqvarna.

I'm leaning towards the Husqvarna 18 inch Rancher model 440 or the 20 inch Rancher 450. I think that size will be big enough to do most of the cutting we need completed without being to big.

Dad has a 16 inch Stihl model, so looking for one just a little larger to handle some of the bigger stuff. 

Open to suggestions because any purchase still has to go through the finance committee.

RE: Chainsaw - mac66 - 06-12-2019

I've been using a Stihl 029 Farm Boss for about 30 years. I think it has an 18" blade. I also have 170 which I use for trimming the branches off the felled tree. The bigger one is just too heavy for quick, light work. Been cutting a lot of wood the last couple of years.

I went with Stihl back in the day but Husqvarna is good.

[Image: jwzWhuh.jpg]

[Image: wp2mjEj.jpg]

[Image: YZJkcYY.jpg]

Been working on the above pile some of which has been sitting for three years. It's about twice as big as shown above.

[Image: 2pSMqVV.jpg]

I also have about 4 other piles just as large which I need to get to after clearing the food plot a couple years ago. Been working a couple days a week for the last month, will continue through the summer and fall..

Here's a extra chains. Nothing is more frustrating the running a dull chain and having to stop and sharpen it half way through a job. Much easier to just swap out the chain.

RE: Chainsaw - fishingjeff - 06-12-2019

Can't go wrong with Stihl. Go to a 20" for general all purpose use. A little heavy on small stuff, but nice on large trees/limbs. Stay away for the Mickey Mouse Yellow units. A good backup would be either a 12vdc unit or a 120vac unit. They work real nice for limbing and smaller trees. Used my Remington electric[Ace Hardware] on 75% of the Mango tree last year from Irma. Very pleased with it.

Word of advise--ONLY USE Ethanol free gas in it. Also known as Recreational fuel, E Free, many other names. Works great in mowers, any 2 cycle unit, motorcycles, generators, lawn tractors, and many more.

RE: Chainsaw - bmyers - 06-12-2019

Thanks for all the advise.

I'm hoping that come this fall the finance committee will above the purchase.

RE: Chainsaw - fishingjeff - 06-13-2019

IIRC the Remington was only $79.00 plus tax.  My old one[ about 25 years old finally wore out] so I needed a new one.