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topo and other maps - bdcochran - 06-05-2019

I still have my government topo maps from 30 years ago.

Sadly, I am so urban and aged that bugging out is not an option and the topo maps are essentially useless.

Nonetheless, I went on this site today.  This website is way more responsive than the USGS people.

You can put in your home address.  Then tell how large you want a map to be, and how much detail.  It would save a lot of aggravation trying to figure out how to download the free US maps on line or get large copies that you cannot do on your home printer.

When shtf and your gps is not working, you might want to have a map on hand.

RE: topo and other maps - David - 06-15-2019


Pretty cool site.  Appreciate you posting it.  Typed in my addy and yep, brought up a very accurate topo map of the area.  Very handy!