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A man - bmyers - 05-11-2019

During our area security/safety meeting last week, the topic came up about men. The general discussion was that men need to be men and I posted about it in the NZ training thread.

As I was sitting in my office on Friday, one of the gentleman stopped by and asked a question about what I thought a man should carry on him. I pointed out that carrying any particular item doesn't make you a man, they are just tools, it is what is inside a man that counts.

I said that in my opinion there are four items that a man needs and doesn't necessarily have to be on him all the time, but he he needs access to them. 

The first item, which is also the most controversial, is a good Bible. A believe every man needs a good Bible. 

Secondly, you need a good knife. My dad and grandpa always had a a good pocket knife on them. You use a good knife for so many different needs.

Thirdly, you need a good flashlight. You can figure that half of a 24 hour period is going to be in the dark. Plus, the need for a good light can come into play during broad daylight if you are looking into an engine space, crawling around in old shed, etc. 

Finally, a man needs a good firearm. The gentleman said yeah, I know he needs a Glock. I said nope. On the farm we used a shotgun more than we used anything else. Followed secondly by the 22 rifle. Depending on your need determines which firearm you need and yes I'm all for having multiple different ones, but you have to have ones that meet your needs and they need to be reliable.

We talked a little longer and I reminded him, the tools don't make the man. the tools only make the man stronger. The skills to use the tools are more valuable than the tools themselves.

RE: A man - David - 05-11-2019

Good list and I agree with all four items.  I'd expand that list to include women as well.  My wife has a a Ruger LC9s and a CCW style purse.  She is generally okay with carrying it and more than she use to in the past.  However, if we are going out together she tends to not carry it.  Her justification is that she's with me and I always have my firearm/knife/flashlight.  Then I remind her that even though we are together, sometimes we are in different parts of the store or wherever we're at.  I might be on the opposite side of the store.  Or, I may be the one that is injured/incapacitated.  She agrees, though many times she defaults to the flawed logic she's used in the past.  She's getting better though.  Next step is on-body carry.  That may take some doing.