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Broken hand - David - 03-23-2019

I broke my hand (5th metacarpal) yesterday trying to subdue a psych trying to commit suicide.  Typical boxers fracture.  Typing this one-handed.  Means I'll be riding a desk for a few weeks.  Sad 

Got a hard splint at the ortho today.

RE: Broken hand - Tom Mac - 03-23-2019

OUCH... now you'll be able to predict rain coming like I can Smile
get better

RE: Broken hand - David - 03-24-2019

Fortunately, I'm right-handed and the injury was on my left hand.  Other way around would have really sucked,

RE: Broken hand - Scout - 03-24-2019

sucks, damn suicide attempts uhg… I say if they want to die that bad let them do what they want but unfortunately the civil suites for the county would suck. LOL

Anyway heal quickly buddy.....

RE: Broken hand - bmyers - 03-24-2019

Glad you walked away with only a broken hand. No fun riding the desk, less fun being carried by six.

Praying for a quick healing.

RE: Broken hand - mac66 - 03-25-2019

Sorry to hear of your injury David. How long will you be off work? I presume you will be on light duty for awhile as well.

RE: Broken hand - David - 03-25-2019

Went straight to light duty.  April 15th is the next appointment so hopefully back on full duty then.

RE: Broken hand - bdcochran - 03-25-2019

Hope you recover soon.

RE: Broken hand - David - 03-26-2019

Thanks all. Swelling has gone down a bit. Bruising is still there but getting a bit lighter. Started aching a bit today. I don't like taking anything so I'm just sucking it up for now. Been putting essential oils on it a couple of times a day.

RE: Broken hand - kirgi08 - 03-27-2019

Coconut oil and ice it David.'08.