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New Truck Gun - mac66 - 01-14-2019

I've been also looking for a lever action 357* and put the word out to some gun pals. One of them came back with knowing someone who had a new supposedly unfired Keltec SU16 and was willing to part with it pretty cheap.

I wasn't looking for an SU16 but went and looked at it anyway. Who can pass up "cheap?"

What's unique about them is that they are a conventional looking rifle in 223/556, take AR mags, comes with two 10 round mags stored in the stock (the stock will also hold one conventional 20 or 30 rounder as well). It also has an integral bi-pod built into the forearm and best of all it folds in half.  It is also very light weight (5 lbs empty)

I bought it on sight (did I mention it was cheap?).

[Image: MvaZcXx.jpg]

[Image: flBqGG4.jpg]

[Image: DoTeF1z.jpg]

The advantage of something like this is that it is lightweight, compact when folded, uses AR mags and most importantly is 50 state legal. I can carry it anywhere when RVing around the country.

*got a line on something just as cool but am still discussing (haggling) a fair price but that's another story if I get it. Should know sometime this week.

Momma's in Florida this week, she's gonna be surprised when she comes home to some new unplanned guns.

RE: New Truck Gun - David - 01-14-2019

That is sweet!

Good universally available caliber.  Great that it takes universally available magazines.  Fantastic that it stores extra mags right in the stock.  Looks like it would fit in a small back pack or sling style pack.  Great deal and a dandy truck gun.

Congrats  Smile

RE: New Truck Gun - Bob - 01-14-2019


That's is cool and all....but, .357 goodness!

RE: New Truck Gun - mac66 - 01-14-2019

(01-14-2019, 02:38 AM)Bob Wrote: SHOULD HAVE HELD OUT FOR THE .357 LEVER.  

That's is cool and all....but, .357 goodness!

I'm still getting a 357 rifle, ..if I can work out the deal.