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Master Alain Burrese - David - 01-11-2019

RE: Master Alain Burrese - Warf51 - 03-10-2019

I did the Old style of TKD back in the 80's and was taught by a student of Veteran who was stationed in Korea for several years. Stayed with for 5 years and then after my BB instructor, 2nd dan moved away I worked three or four other BB's in my same area. We got into backyard fighting with other BB's from the surrounding 100-mile area and although it was dangerous, we used foam on our feet and fists. We had another BB break the fight in 1 min increments and there were 5 total mins to a fight. I have a crooked eye and dents in my shins from knees and a bad nasal cavity in my nose but it was fun and good training. Mostly just strikes and kicking and likely would have choked out in a few seconds by the Brazilians of today in JJ. I learned some JJ 10 years ago but not enough.