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Chin Na - David - 01-11-2019

I use Chin Na/Hapkido/Aiki Jujutsu techniques far more than anything else to control violent bad guys.  Very good stuff.  Very practical. 

RE: Chin Na - David - 01-12-2019

RE: Chin Na - kirgi08 - 01-12-2019

Hung Gar Kung Fu,the most effective/non-leathal form I practice.'08.

RE: Chin Na - David - 01-13-2019

RE: Chin Na - David - 01-17-2019

RE: Chin Na - Bob - 02-07-2019

Those are Yang-Jwing-Ming. I do not personally know him, but I know quite a number of people who do.

His book "Analysis of Shaolin Chin Na" is a must own for anyone practicing Joint locks ion a any style. Probably one of my most "wore out" MA books. I spent one entire year doing nothing but working on that.

Most Tai Chi C'uan practitioners don't know enough of this. As with anything though...there are the principles, and your 5 favorite go to's that are infinitely more valuable than learning all 108 Eagle Claw locks...