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Solid copper pistol Bullets, hollow points. - Rifleman 84 - 12-30-2018

Solid copper pistol bullets. I've often wondered about these rounds. While I think it's a cool concept I have some questions about these rounds. I've heard it said 100% copper hollow points penetrate deeper than their lead counterparts of the same weight. Is this true? Or do they penetrate the same? Do they penetrate less? Expansion. I've heard varying stories on this, some say they expand more reliably and consistently that lead hollow points, others say they require more velocity to expand rendering them less reliable then their lead counterparts. Which of these is true?                                                                                                  
Hand loading
Are there any 100% copper hollow points with a good reputation on the street and good results in ballistics gelatin that are available for hand loading? I know hand loading defensive ammunition isn't recommended, but I only really plan on doing so if and when SHTF. During SHTF I won't be able to purchase high quality defensive ammunition and I'd rather have the option of making it myself.

RE: Solid copper pistol Bullets, hollow points. - Ronin.45 - 12-30-2018

Don't put too much effort into finding the perfect bullet. Any of the modern HPs loaded by the big companies are solid choices. Some copper bullets work very well and some are gimmicky, so it's no different than regular bullets. For SHTF loading, buy the cheapest HPs that feed 100% in your guns. They will be an upgrade from ball ammo without being so expensive you're afraid to use them.

RE: Solid copper pistol Bullets, hollow points. - David - 12-31-2018

I agree with Ronin.  Quite a few of the major manufacturers offer HP's (both as a component and already manufactured) that really do well, even in the budget lines.  Off the top of my head, according to the research I've done, Remington UMC 115 grain hp's and Winchester USA 180 grain hp's do very well in testing.  Good enough that I use them for back up hp's in my 9mm's and front line loads in my .40 S&W.

RE: Solid copper pistol Bullets, hollow points. - Bob - 01-06-2019

A crappy bullet shot well always beats the perfect bullet that misses.

RE: Solid copper pistol Bullets, hollow points. - Tsquare - 01-10-2019

I have tried solid copper bullets. Because copper is less dense than lead they tend to be bigger than their lead counterparts and dialing in a load can be a bit more challenging. I have had more residue with the solid copper bullets. As far as how well they shoot they group similar to what my FMJ and lead head bullets group. They were also a bit pricey.

I have stopped using copper plated. For them to be cost effective I have found I have larger groups. If I get the double thickness premium plated that will tighten my groups but I am in the price range of FMJ. The hi-tech coated lead shoot as well as FMJ and they are the cheapest unless I go with an uncoated lead bullet. If I am shooting lead I use a light load and only shoot it out of the 1911.

I haven't tried the solid copper HPs. I bought a large supply of 45 and 9mm JHP back when Cobb Armory filed chapter 13 and I still have an ample supply of both.

RE: Solid copper pistol Bullets, hollow points. - Bob - 01-14-2019

Sectional density numbers?