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She was bored at home - bmyers - 12-01-2018

The wife had surgery at the first part of November and has been stuck at home since. She can't stand for long periods (just enough to walk to the bathroom, etc.), but she is getting better.

Well, she was bored and missing not shooting since we normally go every week or every other week. So, I drove her up to the range. I setup a blanket, chair, everything she need to be able to sit comfortably. I then setup a target about 7 to 8 yards away. I helped her get to the chair and got her comfortable and she spent the net hour shooting her G42, G19, and the F-9 pistol. We went through about 400 rounds on two targets. She was so happy!

Here are a couple of pictures from the day.

Her with the G19 and FX-9 waiting for me to get more mags loaded


RE: She was bored at home - David - 12-02-2018

Good for her!  And great that you made this happen for her, well done.

RE: She was bored at home - Ronin.45 - 12-02-2018

Good to see you guys making it happen

RE: She was bored at home - bmyers - 12-02-2018

Happy wife, happy life!