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Glock round counts - David - 10-10-2018

As I’ve noted in a couple of other threads, I’m in in-service training this week.  My off-duty G26 is getting it’s annual inspection.  Got a chance to chat with the head armorer who’s been a buddy of mine for a couple of decades.  Found out that our Glock 21.3 range guns have as many as 300K rounds on them.  A lot of others 200K plus.  Very impressive.  Thought to pass that on to the board.

RE: Glock round counts - Ronin.45 - 10-11-2018

I can see a range gun getting that high pretty easily with constant use. My first G17 Gen 3 is fast approaching 60,000rds and that's just with me shooting it.

RE: Glock round counts - David - 10-11-2018

Gotta give Glock the thumbs up for durability. If/when we ever go to another make or caliber I hope they give us the opportunity to purchase (usually through a third party at deep discount) one of the service weapons as they will have far fewer rounds fired.

RE: Glock round counts - bmyers - 10-11-2018

I'm guessing that my Glock 19 has 35-45,000 rounds through it based on the number of matches I have shot over the last 5 years. Hadn't really thought about it that much, but they just work.

RE: Glock round counts - Scout - 10-11-2018

Glock Perfection.