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Glock 42 - David - 09-03-2018

Any of you guys have a Glock 42?  I just got one this afternoon.  Traded my Savage Axis XP .308 for it. Has a orange outline tritium front night sight and steel black rear sight.  Came wit two mags, one has a blue Hyve +2 extension on it.  Haven’t shot it yet.  

It is small!  And light.  Wife almost took it but she stayed with the Ruger LC9s because she feels better with the thumb safety.  

Without a round in the chamber it would make a good pocket pistol.  He tossed in an IWB holster and a handful of Horniday Critical Defense and Federal Hydra Shoks.  Almost enough for both magazines.

Makes me miss the Glock 43 a bit.

RE: Glock 42 - bmyers - 09-03-2018

Yes, we have two of them. Rhonda has one and Megan received one for her graduation present. Both girls shot it well. I will occasionally grab it and toss it into a pocket holster when I have gym shorts on to make a quick trip to the store.

RE: Glock 42 - David - 09-03-2018

Quite impressed with how small and light it is.  Could see it as a pocket pistol.  You feel comfortable with it chambered in a pocket holster?

The sights are the Ameriglo Hackathorn.

RE: Glock 42 - Ronin.45 - 09-03-2018

I have shot the 42, but own the 43. Both good guns. I only carry with a round chambered pocket or IWB. What difference does pocket carry make as long as the holster covers the trigger guard?

RE: Glock 42 - bmyers - 09-04-2018

This is the holster I use:

Yes, I carry with it chambered, no issues. Also, I don't carry anything else in that pocket except the firearm in the holster.

RE: Glock 42 - Ronin.45 - 09-04-2018

Me too. Gun pocket is for gun only. Just like I tell women who want to purse carry, the gun gets it's own section. No pens, lipstick, eyeliner, keys. Just the gun preferably in a Velcro or vanguard style holster.

RE: Glock 42 - David - 09-04-2018

Went to Walmart this afternoon to pick up some FMJ and see what kind of HP's were available in .380.  They were well stocked in FMJ from various makers from Tula to Win USA to Rem UMC.  They averaged about $15-$17 for a box of 50.  The only HP's were the Remington UMC 88g JHP in the 100 round value pack box for $35.  The 100 round value packs from Win and Rem in FMJ were about $32 give or take.  The Rem UMC 88g JHP did NOT do well in Shooting the Bull's gel testing.  In fact, they didn't expand in bare gel.  However, they were shot out of a Taurus TCP which has a barrel length of 2.8 inches.  The Glock 42 has a barrel length of 3.25 inches.  A half inch doesn't seem like much but in .380 it does seem to make positive difference.  

Anyway, I picked up a box of the value pack 100 rounds.  First, it was the only HP's they had on the shelf.  Second, even though it didn't do well in the TCP it may very well do better in the G42.  Third, if if doesn't expand then it's the same as FMJ anyway and the HP's were only about $3 more for the same amount as with FMJ.  

So I loaded up both mags and hand cycled the mag with the Hyve +2.  Everything cycled fine.  That wasn't the case with the Federal Hydra-Shoks I hand cycled last night.  They were hanging up a bit with FTE.  However, they looked to be somewhat older rounds and felt kinda rough around the rims.  They may have fired just fine.  But right now Walmart was out of them so it was a moot point anyway.  I'll try to get out to the range and give these Rem UMC's a shot and see how they do.

I could be the Precision One XTP's for around $29 plus $10 shipping for a box of 50 down the road.  They did the best in the TCP for STB's gel tests.  

RE: Glock 42 - David - 09-05-2018

Went back and looked at Shooting the Bull's .380 ammo videos.  The top four all used the XTP bullet.  Hornaday, Precision One, Fiocchi and one other were pretty much neck-n-neck.  I decided to look at Fiocchi's Extrema loading of the XTP bullet and it was only $33 to get two 25-round boxes as opposed to a 50-round box of Precision One for $39.  So I ordered a couple of boxes.  Figure I'll wait till they arrive, hopefully quickly, and then head out to the range.  I'll use a box to test for function and have a box to load up.  I'll use the Remington UMC HP's to train and load up any additional magazines I may buy down the road.  

RE: Glock 42 - David - 09-10-2018

Same XTP bullet in the Precision One as in the Fiocchi Extrema.  Probably very similar results.

RE: Glock 42 - David - 09-18-2018

Finally had the opportunity to shoot the G42 this morning. Overall it was fine.  Accurate though I tended to shoot slightly left.  I did the same think with the G43.  I'm attributing that to the size of the grip and generally being used to double stack grips.  I fired Federal Hydra-Shok, Hornaday Critical Defense, Remington UMC and Fiocchi Extrema XTP.  I had one FTE with the 02 magazine.  Not sure which round as it was the last mag and a mixed batch.  Could have been the old Hydra-Shoks that looked a little rough but I can't confirm.  One mag is 02 (the one with the Hyve +2) and one is an 03.  Oddly enough the 02 was the only one to lock back after the last round and that was with the first mag only.  Afterwards neither mag locked the slide back on the last round.

I could have done without the FTE though it may have been totally ammo related.  It was on the 02 mag.  

Soft recoil and pleasant to shoot.  Not convinced it's a keeper yet or not.  Jury is still out on that.