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'18 Midterms and 2020 Elections - JRSC - 07-12-2018

'18 Midterms - At this point, either democrats will win big or republicans will win big. Either way, America will lose big. 

2020... Hillary again?? Apparently so. Elizabeth Warren? Can she identify as a president? Bernie resurrection? Will he be the left wing doormat again? Ehh... preppers, keep on prepping.

I'm finding the words of Mr. Twain more and more true everyday.

RE: '18 Midterms and 2020 Elections - Tom Mac - 07-12-2018

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RE: '18 Midterms and 2020 Elections - bmyers - 07-12-2018

Midterms is going to be very interesting. Democrats are in a do or die situation and Republicans have to keep majority to be able to stand a chance of them accomplishing anything.

2020, well I'm not sure who they will put up against President Trump. If they want to stand a chance, they need to put someone much more towards the middle, but I think the Democrats will continue to look at the extremes for their leadership.

RE: '18 Midterms and 2020 Elections - Tsquare - 07-12-2018

For GA we have too many career politicians that go off to congress and somehow come back as a multi-millionaire after a term.