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Tried some MREs - bmyers - 07-11-2018

I went to Chicago a few weeks ago and decided for supper each night I would eat an MRE. So, I brought along three MREs (Beef Stew, Maple Sausage Patty, Spaghetti with meat sauce) to eat for my suppers.

The first night I decided to try Maple Sausage Patty, which I thought would be my favorite out of the three. Way to sweet for me. I was able to get a couple of bites down and that was it. I would have to be really hungry to be able to eat this meal. I ended up using the company credit card and buying a meal that night.

Second night, Beef stew, which was excellent. The flameless ration heater worked perfectly, food tasted great. 

Final night, the spaghetti meal was also delicious. Again the heater worked without any issues. 

Mixing the drinks was a little bit of a challenge, I tried to used the provided bags, but just didn't work as well as putting it into a cup and stirring. 

So, I now know at least one meal I want to avoid buying and two that are worth having.

RE: Tried some MREs - David - 07-11-2018

MRE's can so quite well in a pinch.  Lots of calories in a relatively small package.  Lots of sodium as well so one has to be careful of that.  I'd like to try some of the low sodium options to see what they're like.

RE: Tried some MREs - Tsquare - 07-11-2018

I lived off MRE's for 3 months during Desert Storm. I have a case from 1999 sitting on the top shelf in my basement. They should still be good for another 11 years. Last resort food.

RE: Tried some MREs - bmyers - 07-12-2018

I was actually surprised how good they tasted. I really expected them to be flavorless, but they were really good. Although, I will admit, I don't know that I would want them all the time, but they did surprise me by how good they were (except the sausage and that thing would put you in a sugar coma).

RE: Tried some MREs - mac66 - 07-12-2018

I've used MREs as backpacking meals. Strip them down to just the main components and one of them will last a day. You don't have to carry water to reconstitute them. I also keep some at my hunting cabin which I occasionally use when I run up there overnight and don't want to cook.

RE: Tried some MREs - Bob - 10-15-2018

I so need to do my Apocalypse Kitchen YouTube thing....

Getting close to buying some MRE's just to bolster the ready/go food stocks.

RE: Tried some MREs - David - 10-15-2018

I'd watch it.

RE: Tried some MREs - Bob - 11-11-2018

See my SEP #20 after action for MRE review.

I'll be storing any I get in the house, and likely tearing them down for small storage space. All in all, they are what they are. In a "I need meals ready to go now, small/light and prepped - that's what they are for. In a real bug out SHTF they would be the first thing I'd pack.

I got MRE Star Brand. Online reviews suggest quality varies - but not enough to care from what I can tell. Real surplus ones seem to have varied shelf life depending on how long they have been on the shelf.

I suspect that they never really go bad....

RE: Tried some MREs - bmyers - 11-12-2018

IF you watch Youtube, look for Steve1989MREInfo and you can see how long some of these meals last.

RE: Tried some MREs - David - 11-14-2018

A lot depends on the conditions in which they're stored. Out in a hot garage for 10 years might not be the best idea. I've got mine in the spare closet in the house.