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What is your ammo of choice? - bmyers - 07-10-2018

The home defense thread got me wondering what everyone is using now days? I know different brands and flavors come out, was curious what people were currntly using in their different guns.

In my pistols, mostly HST or Speer Gold Dot 147 gr. The short barrels I use 124 gr HST or Speer.

Shotgun, I have Winchester PDX1 Defender. 

PCCs, I use what ever in them. Most are loaded with 124gr Speer/HST.

Rifle (556), I just have 55gr Freedom ammunition in those.

RE: What is your ammo of choice? - Tom Mac - 07-10-2018

12g, bird shot ... any thing that close in the home more than likely receive the majority portion of the shot and I won't kill anyone outside

Anything else is 10mm / Silver tip or Sig V crown HP

RE: What is your ammo of choice? - Ronin.45 - 07-10-2018

I only use my carry gun for HD and it's loaded with Cor-Bon Pow'r Ball 100gr.

RE: What is your ammo of choice? - David - 07-10-2018

In my 9mm’s it is the 124+P GD (issued). In my .40’s it is the 180 WWB JHP. In the families 9mm’s it is the 115 Remington UMC JHP for reduced recoil.

In my HD SG it’s Federal reduced recoil 00 buck. In the vehicle SG it’s a combination of regular 00 buck with slug as a back up reload.

RE: What is your ammo of choice? - Tsquare - 07-10-2018

Earlier this year there was an article in one of the gun magazines listing Critical Duty, Federal HST, Speer Gold Dot, Winchester PDX1 Defender, or Remington Golden Saber as the top 5 SD rounds on the market for 9mm and 40S&W. Their rankings changed a little between the calibers but they all were very close in expansion, penetration, and consistency.

I have Hydra-shok in 9mm and 45 as my SD ammo. I got a very good deal on it back in the 90's when Cobb Armory was liquidating everything before they sold out to Bushmaster. I have gone through about half of it.

For the shotgun I am running the low recoil S&B 2.5"shell with 00 buckshot.

RE: What is your ammo of choice? - Bob - 07-12-2018

I officially don't care. It all works and is more than accurate enough at indoor social distances. However....

12g Win-lite low recoil buck in the Mossberg
Federal HST 124+p in the HK USP
Hornady Zombie Max in the AK. (Actually Hornadt Critical Defense with neon yellow instead of red tip)

RE: What is your ammo of choice? - bmyers - 07-13-2018


We are working on a project at work and I got to shoot my shotgun at some different materials. I like the nice big hole that the PDX1 Defender ammo made in 5/16 sheet. None of the buckshot hit, but it was a small piece and shot from 10 yards.