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When hope is lost - bmyers - 07-09-2018

The people of Haiti have lost hope in their government and reached their breaking point.

The Haitian government on Saturday halted a planned fuel price hike after tension and fighting escalated late last week. Haiti Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant had previously declared that fuel prices needed to be raised to balance the budget and announced a 38 percent increase for gasoline, diesel and kerosene. Despite the Lafontant government's concession to public pressure, the anger and remains.

RE: When hope is lost - Bob - 07-10-2018

In the 70's we had a 400% increase in fuel prices in a very short period. How many people in Haiti even have a car?

RE: When hope is lost - bmyers - 07-10-2018

My guess not many. Reading a few articles on it, the common person is struggling to put food on the table.

RE: When hope is lost - Dr. Dickie - 07-13-2018

A raise in fuel prices impacts a lot more than just cars, it impacts the price of EVERYTHING, including food big time.

RE: When hope is lost - Bob - 07-15-2018

Certainly in our country, as we have a massive infrastructure, and millions of miles to move food to millions of people in cities. I'm sure Haiti has the same issues, just not on any scale like the US.

I'm picturing people with fruit baskets on their heads riding bikes. I bet there is not nearly the food acre/person or distance / pound of food problems the US has.

But I don't know. Where is that Google map....

RE: When hope is lost - bmyers - 07-15-2018

It is about 27,800 square miles, about the size of West Virginia.