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Multi-caliber capability - David - 05-17-2018

I don't remember covering this specifically so here goes.  Surfing around and saw this video and thought it interesting enough to toss up for consideration/comments:

Started thinking about this a couple of days ago in regards to my G22.4 that I picked up a while back.  It came with that really nice 9mm conversion barrel.  I use it as my night stand gun in the .40 S&W configuration but wanted to make sure it had 9mm capability as that is my primary caliber.  Got to thinking that it would be nice to pick up a .357sig barrel for it as well.  Now I'm not gonzo over that caliber but it does have some merit.  And I'm thinking it would add another layer of usability to the G22.4.  Maybe not a game-changer but hey, it's another layer that isn't hard to accomplish i.e. simply swap the barrel.  


RE: Multi-caliber capability - fishingjeff - 05-17-2018

I'll see your 3 in 1 and raise my 4 in 1. Savage 24F  .223  with 22LR adaptor over 12 ga [w/ choke tubes]/410 adaptor. Still have 22 Magnum,16 ga, 20 ga, 28 ga, and 32 ga options. Not bad to have 3 calibers of rifle and 6 different shotgun gauges all in one weapon. Even has a scope base mounted and factory camo'd.  Not counting the basic survival gear in the stock and stock shell pouch. Can also add on altoid tins in a compass pouches on the sling for more ammo/stuff.  Actually more versatile than my M6 except for the weight.

RE: Multi-caliber capability - Ronin.45 - 05-18-2018

Sometimes I feel like the naysayer of SEP and this won't remedy the situation.
I tend to go the other direction on this topic. The main reason preppers buy different calibers is so they can have guns for just about any ammo they could come across in an emergency situation. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on buying guns in different calibers or barrels to swap, you'd be better off buying a 9mm and stockpiling ammo. Especially in times of cheap prices, buying bulk 9mm for $8 a box is a better solution than trying to cover all bases. The price of a conversion barrel is about the same as a case of 9mm right now. In an emergency situation a thousand rounds is a ton of ammo. If you are buying several conversion barrels or even several guns in various calibers, you can literally stockpile thousands and thousands of rounds of 9mm.
This doesn't even take into account the amount you'll save on your regular supply of practice ammo. 9mm is generally $4-5 a box less than .40 or .45. 357Sig tends to be even higher. The savings over a few years of steady shooting could pay for another few cases of ammo or even another 9mm gun. I limit my caliber selection and buy in serious bulk when ammo is cheap. I've never once worried about running dry during an ammo shortage and I shoot way more than the average person.

RE: Multi-caliber capability - bmyers - 05-18-2018

I don't know why anyone worries about not having enough guns or the wrong caliber, every move I watch there a plenty of guns of all calibers just laying around and all you to do is stop running long enough to pick one up and when it runs empty, you just grab another gun that is laying there.

I know my wife and I are going to save a ton of money on prepping by following the Hollywood advice.

(PS-I follow Ronin's approach. We have standardized, and instead of supporting multiple calibers, we have limited that down. Also, instead of supporting multiple models/brands of firearms, we have standardized on that, thus allowing me to have a nice supply of spare parts to fix anything that could break.)

RE: Multi-caliber capability - David - 05-18-2018

That's why I occasionally toss out various topics of discussion, to see everyone's thought processes.  No wrong answers.  And it often helps to change an opinion or cement one.


RE: Multi-caliber capability - mac66 - 05-18-2018

I have several pistols in 40 that I have 9mm conversion barrels for. I can carry 40 and practice with 9mm and/or carry a wide variety of loads. I think it's a sound idea to the extent that any future handguns I get will probably be 40s that have 9mm barrels available for them.

I'm not really concerned with running out of ammo during an emergency I just happen to like 40 as a service/carry round but like the idea of 9mm as well. I have cases and cases of both stashed away so ammo shortages isn't really a factor. Because of the price, I do have about a 3:1 ratio of 9mm over 40 but the 9mm is mostly practice stuff while the 40 is mostly carry stuff.

As for 357 Sig? I've never used it and don't have any intention to but having a conversion barrel in it might be a good idea if I ever decided to try it.

RE: Multi-caliber capability - David - 05-18-2018

I also like .40 S&W and think that if one is going to get into this caliber, or get back into it that now is a prime time.  A while back I got that Glock 22.4 that came with the high end 9mm conversion barrel.  It was a good trade that I came out on the plus side.  it worked out that someone on AL wanted to trade 500 rounds of .40 S&W for 500 rounds of 9mm.  I've got a lot of 9mm so I traded straight up which of course is an excellent deal.  So now I have a small amount of .40 available to me but the ability to shoot 9mm which is my primary caliber.  I like that option.

I may or may not go out and buy a .357sig barrel but I'd definitely look out for one.  Perhaps in some sort of deal or trade.  To me, that's kind of the fun 'hobby' part of this area of my prepping.  I will probably never 'need' a .357sig barrel so it isn't a burning need.  But if I picked one up on some sort of trade (like the knives I have for trade) then it is only a plus.  Never know if someone is going to want to dump some .357sig ammo on AL like the .40 deal I hit.  

I'm of a mind, like you, that any future trade/purchase will be for a .40 S&W with a 9mm conversion barrel.  Just missed out of a G22 that had both the 9mm and .357 barrels.  But they're out there and it's fun to be on the look out for.

RE: Multi-caliber capability - Tsquare - 05-18-2018

If I had a .40 I would have the 357Sig conversion. I have been impressed with every one of the 357Sig guns I have shot.

The big issue with 357Sig is the limited availability and Price. My LGS only has 2 or 3 varieties of 357Sig he keeps in stock. 357Sig is 10 cents per round more than .40 and 13 cents per round more than 9mm (Blazer Brass range ammo used for comparison). I see 357Sig as one of those rounds that re-loaders would like. 357Sig can be re-loaded for about what it cost to reload 9mm and it makes some serious power.

RE: Multi-caliber capability - Tom Mac - 05-19-2018

That's why I have the G20... an extra barrel can give you 40s&w, 357 sig and 9mm( the other 9, not Luger ) with no change of mags.

I have use the 357sig in the G20 and it is a pretty zippy round but the size tames it a bit

Still a believer in standardization tho, multi guns / carbine in same caliper

RE: Multi-caliber capability - David - 05-20-2018

(05-19-2018, 02:43 PM)Tom Mac Wrote: Still a believer in standardization tho, multi guns / carbine in same caliper

I fully understand your POV and don't necessarily disagree with you.  But as mentioned, to already have a .40 or .357sig and a conversion barrel to me makes sense.  If the platform had all three calibers available then it's a bonus.  Particularly if done in a way that it doesn't affect other areas such as buying ammo and such.  Doing it 'smart' so-to-speak.  
  • Trading a 9mm in a non-Glock platform for a Glock 22 that also came with a 9mm conversion barrel:  Smart move (IMO).  Particularly since I also gained both .40 and 9mm magazines to add to my inventory.  
  • Trading 500 rounds of 9mm for 500 rounds of .40 (all good factory inventory) as an even swap:  Smart move.  I gained about $50 in product on that deal.  
I'm currently looking for trade options for my Gen5 Glock 19.  If I could trade it for a Gen4 Glock in .40 or .357 that came with conversion barrels OR such a trade allowed me extra $ to then get another barrel then I might to it.  That way my primary platform remains Glock, primary caliber remains 9mm but I've increased my options in another platform.    

I've still got the three Rugers which will remain 9mm only as I don't believe other options exist for those platforms and they really don't need the options anyway.  

Anyway, things to consider.  Something may work out on the Gen5 or it may not.  Not losing anything if it doesn't.