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Security Cameras On The Cheap! - A3M0N - 05-14-2018

The wife and I have been contemplating some security cameras for a while for our house, there are some decent priced ones with good features, but still just more than we can spend right now. I stumbled upon Alfred (, its an app that you install on an old smartphone and place it where you want it. I just have mine hanging with 3M Command Strips on the window by my front door right now, I'm working on a more elegant solution. 

Best part, its free! It saves your motion detected videos in the cloud for 7 days, and you can download them to your device if you want to. There are upgrades, but free is good for me right now. 

I attached some pics of my current setup and a quick clip of me walking into the house ( I'm using a Google Nexus 4. It does record audio as well, but its inside my house, so you can hear my son talking a little on the clip. 

I hope this helps!

RE: Security Cameras On The Cheap! - David - 05-14-2018

Hey that's pretty cool!  Thanks for the idea.  Smile

RE: Security Cameras On The Cheap! - Tsquare - 05-14-2018

Nice, I just turned my old Galaxy 6S with a busted screen into a security camera watching my truck in the drive way.

RE: Security Cameras On The Cheap! - Tsquare - 05-15-2018

Well it didn't make it through the night before it shut down. The phone had a full charge and was plugged into a charger. I have to go through the programs on it and kill off any background programs that are running.

RE: Security Cameras On The Cheap! - A3M0N - 05-15-2018

Yeah, I removed or disabled everything I could.

RE: Security Cameras On The Cheap! - David - 05-15-2018

It's surprising...and annoying how much stuff there is that is running in the background.  And somewhat ominous...

RE: Security Cameras On The Cheap! - mac66 - 05-16-2018

Interesting idea

RE: Security Cameras On The Cheap! - bdcochran - 05-16-2018

Comments: Good idea.

Two houses next to me have the Ring device. Works well. Video of the last two sets of burglars. Not arrested, of course. The neighbors watch too much detective movies on t.v. No alarm. The lady two doors down has an alarm system. Has a distinctive car and movement pattern. Did not turn on the alarm system and was gone on her 1/2 hour run to the stores. Burglarized.

I finally bit the bullet. Paid a lot for professionals to install two sets of redwood gates with dual deadbolts on each. Set up three game cameras in the backyard with rechargeable batteries. Why the game cameras? Easy to explain. Makes it difficult for the local DA not to prosecute.A person cannot get in the backyard without jumping a fence. Front door has heavy iron screen door that is nearly always locked.

RE: Security Cameras On The Cheap! - A3M0N - 05-16-2018

Game cameras are a good idea too, good thinking! You can remote view some of those too right?

We have an alarm system we don't use nearly enough. I usually only set it at night when we're at home, more of a defensive tool for the family.

RE: Security Cameras On The Cheap! - ric0123 - 05-16-2018

Some game cameras have cellular cards in them for super remote viewing, but they have a monthly fee obviously. Typically game cameras are used for very high resolution still shots and they have very good battery life as opposed to live streaming Wi-Fi video cameras