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Glock 31 Gen4, WOW! - TN.Frank - 05-13-2018

I think I've found a new favorite handgun and cartridge. Took the Glock 31 Gen4 out and man, awesome ballistics, accuracy was good for my first time out and recoil wasn't as bad as many folks try to say it is. Felt more like a 9mm +P or 45 acp than anything else. No where near as flippy as the 40 S&W IMHO. I really like this cartridge, so much so I may try to pick up a Shield 40cal and put a 357 Sig barrel into it to use as my EDC pistol. It's giving me what I've been looking for out of the 9mm without having to push it as hard and it's much closer to 357 Mag ballistics than you'd think. Anyway, enjoy the vid and I'll talk to ya'll later. TN.Frank Out.

RE: Glock 31 Gen4, WOW! - David - 05-14-2018

Frank's got himself a new toy  Big Grin