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DIY pocket mag pouch challenge - David - 04-13-2018

Reading the USCCA magazine today and saw an ad for this product:

Ammo Armor

That led me to a DIY video:

So this got me thinking of what I might have handy at the house, or easily obtained inexpensively that would make a good pocket mag holder/pouch.  Someone (don't remember who) suggested something like an eye glass pouch cut down to fit whatever magazine is being used.  So I'm on a quest to find something handy that would work well for my LCP magazine for pocket carry.  And maybe a LC9 and G43 magazine.  

Thoughts and ideas welcome.

RE: DIY pocket mag pouch challenge - bdcochran - 04-14-2018

Eye glass cases soft (with or without a clip) and hard.  Neither type is water proof.  Usually free for the asking.  Can hold magazines, leatherman tools, knives.  Usually big box store safety glasses are issued without cases.  Some might fit.

RE: DIY pocket mag pouch challenge - mac66 - 04-15-2018

I usually carry an extra mag loose in my pocket. Sometimes in a plastic baggie. On occasion in a nylon or leather knife or leatherman sheath. Now that you bring it up I going to have to make some type of leather pocket carrier.

RE: DIY pocket mag pouch challenge - David - 04-18-2018

I occasionally just pocket carry a spare mag as well without a cover. If I'm just going for a walk around the block or just around the house somewhere on the property.  Not overly concerned with stuff like pocket lint but I guess it is a consideration along with anything else carried in the pocket.  I like that idea of the multi-tool sheath.  I've got some flashlight and multi-tool sheaths that just may work and would also slip on the belt if I go that route.  Thanks for the idea, I'll have to go scrounging through my 'junk' drawer.

RE: DIY pocket mag pouch challenge - bmyers - 04-18-2018

I picked up some cheap multi-tool sheaths at Lowes.

RE: DIY pocket mag pouch challenge - David - 04-19-2018

What brand and how much?  What mags do they fit?

RE: DIY pocket mag pouch challenge - bmyers - 04-24-2018

They had a box of them on the end cap. I got the medium and large size. The medium size fit the M&P Shield I had at the time and the large size fit the G19. If I remember right (not at home right now) I think they were Nite-Ize brand and it was less than $10 (I think $6-$8 range).