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Winter, summer or year around? - David - 03-14-2018

Is your EDC firearm choice seasonal or do you carry the same EDC year around?

My EDC is the Glock 26 and that's actually my 'official' off-duty since I've qualified with it.  But that Ruger LC9 I got last year has seen some carry time.  First, to evaluate how well I like it for carry (appendix).  And secondly to see how comfortable I am in going from a double stack to a single stack pistol.  

To address the first point, the LC9 is simply more comfortable than the G26.  It's less than an inch thick whereas the G26 is just over an inch.  And the Ruger is about 5 ounces lighter give-or-take.  Secondly, although I'm a proponent of having more ammo, I haven't felt uncomfortable when I've carried the LC9.  I do carry a spare mag.

Although it's been a fairly mild winter in my part of Florida, it has gotten chilly (for us) on occasion.  I can foresee a hot summer coming up though (which of course is the norm).  My normal year-around wear is normally cargo shorts and a T-shirt.  And of course particularly in summer.  I can see the LC9 getting a lot more use this summer, particularly if the shirt I'm wearing is a bit more form fitting.  I've got some nice shirts that are more form fitting that a normal T-shirt so the LC9 would be the choice so as not to print.  

What about you guys?  Same carry year around or does your climate lead to other choices?

RE: Winter, summer or year around? - bmyers - 03-15-2018

My G19 sees the most carry during the winter months. As I wear less clothing, then the G26 becomes the choice. If I'm going really light weight, then the G43 comes out.

RE: Winter, summer or year around? - Ronin.45 - 03-15-2018

I carry the same gun year round. If a 43 or PM9 is Good enough for summer, it's good enough for winter. We don't see an increase in crime during the colder months.

RE: Winter, summer or year around? - mac66 - 03-16-2018

I've pretty much carried the same gun for that last 3-4 years all the time. Only time I change is sometimes when I'm up north at my hunting property walking around in the woods.