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travel gear - based upon experience - bdcochran - 03-10-2018

At the age of 30,  my wife and I quit our jobs to travel.  When we arrived in Portugal, we threw away the return tickets.  Thereafter, it was travel without a car in countries where sometimes neither of us spoke the local langauges and through Africa, communist countries, southeast Asia, China (when Americans were not supposed to go) and even further east.

Here are some milestones.

1.  no matter what you plan to take or carry, the first three days are a shakedown.  You will abandon gear.

2.  it takes about a month to get into shape when you are walking most places.

3.  after about 6 months, no matter how big your pocket book, you will have shrunk.  If someone weighed you, you would know daily whether you gained or lost even 1/4 pound.

If you disregard the camera case/shoulder carry bag, I carried 19 pounds.  My wife carried 21 pounds.  You share the soap/tooth paste and other items that can be shared so as to reduce weight.

A t-shirt/short sleeve shirt/sweat/and then a JC Penny's windbreaker was sufficient layering in the Himmilayas.

You have a pair of mountain climbing boots to intimidate people who would intrude into your space and wear tennis shoes otherwise.  You will find it takes months to find a pair of local jeans or shoes that fit you, so have what you need in advance.

You needed maps of where you were going and then toss them.

You are best off traveling in 3s.  Normally, someone will be sick.  That person stays with the luggage (whether in a hovel or on the street) while the other explore.

Count on getting sick and be prepared for your actions.

Try to reach your next destination at least an hour before sundown and clean your clothes upon arrival.  Normally, if hung out to dry, they will be acceptable the next morning.  If you can, bathe wearing the clothes. 

Have a spare pair of eye glasses.

If you understand timing, you can have supply packages sent to you along the way through the post offices,  Did it a couple of times.

Today, I am older and don't travel primitively.  Each suitcase has a flashlight/leatherman/pocket knife.  When going to China/, one water filter.

RE: travel gear - based upon experience - mac66 - 03-11-2018

So are you just going to leave us hanging?

Stories man! We want stories!