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EDC Travel Gear. - TN.Frank - 03-01-2018

Had to pack light for my trip back to Tennessee. Here's some of the gear I'm using. Enjoy.

RE: EDC Travel Gear. - bdcochran - 03-01-2018

1. I made the mistake of taking a lap top through security at LAX. 6 months later, I got it back. The Homeland Security operations (in a different location) has spent its budget on securing the safety of the administrators. Just go and look.

2. When I travel, I pray (because tSA people, like other humans, steal). I pack a flashlight/leatherman/swiss knife/pocket knife in each suitcase when I go to Europe. When I go to Red China, I also pack a water purifier. Also zip lock baggies and a wash cloth as well as dental tape.