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LCP (mouse gun) mods - David - 02-14-2018

RE: LCP (mouse gun) mods - mac66 - 02-14-2018

Good info Dave.

I typically highlight my sights with White Out typewriter correction fluid. It typically comes in white or yellow, it easy to apply particularly it you get the pen type applicator, is easy to remove or renew. It also is good for highlighting the letters, names, caliber etc on your guns. Apply, let dry and then scrape off with your thumbnail.

I have a kit with different colors of the Glow On. It's okay but you have to shine a light on it first to make it glow. That doesn't seem all that practical if you have to draw and fire.

In regards to other mods, I have a Clipdraw belt clip and a Hogue rubber grip for my LCP. I want to shoot it first before I install either one to get a baseline performance. I also have them for my RM380. I intend to do a side by side, before and after comparison.

RE: LCP (mouse gun) mods - David - 02-14-2018

I look forward to that side-by-side review.