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rehydrating beans - bdcochran - 02-12-2018

I read a question in a different forum.  The guy was asking about rehydrating/cooking beans. 

I gave it some thought.  Good question. 

Most bacteria do not live above 120 degrees.  Most viruses die between 165 degrees and 212 degrees.    The UN recommends a two liter pop bottle in full sun for 8 hours to kill germs.  It is also recommended that 1/2 of the exterior of the pop bottle be spray painted black. 

Ok, instead of soaking beans at room temperature overnight, soak them in a pop bottle in the full sun and get the value of some cooking at a low temperature.

RE: rehydrating beans - Bob - 02-13-2018

I'm thinking this is a good idea except if you don't hit your temperature...

(He says as he packs his Maxpedition/Jet Boil bag....)

RE: rehydrating beans - Tsquare - 02-13-2018

I have done the overnight method and the fast re-hydrate 180 degree warm water for an hour method. With the fast re-hydrate method you pour off the water at the end and use fresh water or beef/pork stock to cook the beans. The fast re-hydrate also seems to cut down on the flatulence factor as well.