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In the Wilds: HP or FMJ? - David - 02-11-2018

In the woods I tend to carry FMJ for the penetration.  Typically for me is a 147 9mm or now that I'm back into .40 the 180 grain.  Typical threats in Florida would run gator, Panther, rabid critter or rarely a black bear.  Having an issue with any is rare of course, just naming possibles.  

If you're out in nature what caliber do you prefer and what type of bullet?

RE: In the Wilds: HP or FMJ? - mac66 - 02-12-2018

Man, that's a tough question so I'm going to hedge and say both because it sort of depends.

I think the biggest threat is still man so I usually carry HPs, which also work on anything up to bears. If I see bears then I will switch to solids, usually hardcast in my revolvers, FMJ in semis.

I do admit that I have bears on my hunting property and rarely switch out my loads to solids. I usually have a slug loaded shotgun in my truck or ATV when I'm back working in the woods. So it's never been and issue.

When in Alaska I carried hard cast bear loads. When backpacking in other places I usually carried HPs with FMJs as backup.

RE: In the Wilds: HP or FMJ? - Tom Mac - 02-12-2018

10mm Glock 20;

EDC is 175 Win Silvertips.... older boxes were a bit hotter( still have some ) but allow a good sec or third shot ( not to many bear in NY where I live Wink )

In woods carry in VA where wife and I do a lot of hiking the carry is 200gr XTP loaded on the hot side ( about 1200fps with #9 )
We've run into black bears about 5x

It's easy to carry a few mags with either or

RE: In the Wilds: HP or FMJ? - JRSC - 02-12-2018

Unless it's a small caliber gun, I always go with hollow points.

RE: In the Wilds: HP or FMJ? - Ronin.45 - 02-12-2018

Not many dangerous animals around here. Biggest 4leg threat is probably a rabid dog. I'm fine with the same rounds I use for EDC.
If I was in bear country I'd be packing a different gun and skip right over fmj to hardcast.

RE: In the Wilds: HP or FMJ? - Tsquare - 02-12-2018

I have a 250gr jacketed soft point that runs just under 1300 fps
[Image: jsp-300x300.jpg]

RE: In the Wilds: HP or FMJ? - Bob - 02-13-2018

FMJ - Penetration rules for wild life

A FMJ will take care of any two-legged problems nearly as well as a hollow point. There are a number of four legged issued though where a hollow point might/might not be the best choice.

(02-12-2018, 01:56 PM)Tom Mac Wrote: 10mm Glock 20;

Nuclear tipped was not an option.... Big Grin

RE: In the Wilds: HP or FMJ? - bmyers - 02-13-2018

Considering two legged threat is the greatest danger followed by wild dogs, my HST 147gr will do just fine.

If I was going into the woods where larger animals might be the threat, I would look at some of these (or a product like it)

RE: In the Wilds: HP or FMJ? - David - 02-13-2018

So far it's HP- 4 and FMJ - 2.

RE: In the Wilds: HP or FMJ? - Tsquare - 02-13-2018

Somehow, I missed that this thread was a poll. I vote "none of the above".

When I am in the woods I usually have my 44 Magnum. If I am hunting the 44 is a backup. I not a fan of FMJ or JHP on critters. A jacketed soft point or a wad-cutter would be a better choice for putting down a 600 lb boar or a gator.