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Knives - David - 02-06-2018


Put up a CL ad for a large number of knives I'm selling/trading.  The prices are not firm, they represent a little detective work on the net for value.  I'm flexible to a degree.  Looking to sell or maybe trade for guns/gun stuff.  If anyone is interested we can work out shipping.

Thanks for looking.

RE: Knives - bmyers - 02-06-2018

The message i get when I click on your link:

There appears to be a problem with this posting (6476158449) or the URL you're using to access it.

If you initially posted more than 48 hours ago, your post may have timed out, in which case you will need to repost your ad.

If you are clicking on the link in the email to reach this page, try using the cut-and-paste plain text URL instead.

If that doesn't work, please try again in 15 minutes. If it still doesn't work, please forward the email to for assistance


PS-I'm at work and could very well be our firewall causing issues, but I am suppose to have access to everything.

RE: Knives - David - 02-06-2018

It wasn’t you, CL can be difficult for some reason.  It initially was working fine but seemed to crap out for some reason.  Seems to be working now but I’ll keep checking it.  Thanks for the heads up.

RE: Knives - fishingjeff - 02-07-2018

Dave, just went thru CL general heading ---knives---checked Tampa and South Florida. Your ad is not there, least I couldn't find it. Even checked ph numbers on many different ads thinking it was yours.

Make sure you have checked your used email for an email from CL. This is where you publish your ad[get it put on the site].

See you on the 24th.

RE: Knives - David - 02-07-2018

Link seems to be working...

RE: Knives - bmyers - 02-07-2018

Link worked for me. Lots of nice knifes, but the next one on my list to buy is an Esee 6, which I checked and it wasn't on your for sale list.

RE: Knives - David - 02-10-2018

These are older but mint knives (most of them) from the 80's and maybe 90's.  They've been taking up space for more than 20 years so figured I'd sell them off and get something I would actually enjoy.  Gave my son his pick and this is what's left.

If anyone's interested let me know and we'll work out the details.  Smile

RE: Knives - Scout - 09-09-2018

Dave your link isn't working ?